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 Merac Castle Siege Rules

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PostSubject: Merac Castle Siege Rules   Sun Oct 05, 2008 12:17 pm

Merac Castle Siege

1) Players may not “hug” walls. This entails moving your character into a wall to purposely avoid attacks from other players.

Penalty: Temporary Ban 2 week s

2) No class or character level 15 or below can obstruct an attacking guild master in the throne room. This means using a glitch with the size of certain classes and placing the guild master inside the character model, making them un reachable by defenders.

Penalty: Temporary Ban 1 month

3) Mounts may not be inside of the castle grounds

Penalty: Temporary ban 2 weeks

4) Unregistered guilds or players may not turn on PK mode and kill other players. This causes a loss in experience for others.

Penalty: Temporary ban 1 month

5) When using any form of recall characters must be level 16+, and may not recall while using a wall exploit.

Penalty: Temporary Ban 1 month

6) No player characters level 15 or below are allowed in to Castle Siege.

Penalty: Temporary ban 2 weeks

7) Invisible rogues may not recall into a wall.

Penalty: Temp ban 2 weeks

Game sages registered for castle siege, may not turn on their glow.

Penalty: Temporary ban 2 weeks.

Theses Rules are also of Oct. 5, 2008
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Merac Castle Siege Rules
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