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PostSubject: THE GUIDE TO MAPS AND YOUR LVL   Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:29 pm

you all are wondering when you join this game, is this the only place? once you get some lvls you will find someone with the name of teleporter eteal. From there you can go to the other worlds. There is juno, and the town of randol, the desert oasis dratan, the foresty merac, the frontier egeha, and the high lvld world strayana.

Juno- This is the very first world you will meet. It will suit you until you reach around lvl 25ish. This world is full of animals, and creatures. They range from lvl 1 to up to lvl 32. In this map you will find a temple called the velpist temple. This place is a great place to learn the ropes of the game.

Merac- This is the next world up aside with dratan. This map is very fooresty, with monsters like butchers at lvl 28 and highlanders lvl 45, even larva around lvl 50. This map is great for people who are just past the baby steps and arent real fluent yet. In this map you will start to "grow up" or get some lvls and start to rlly deal some damage.

Dratan- This is the world aside from merac thats for novices to higher lvls. There are lots of monsters here, ranging from desert foxes, to the spider king baal, to kamira the bird monter, or even just mists. This world is great to work on pets, and start to really unlock your characters potential. This is another map for people who are growing up, or are fluent with the game.

Egeha- This is a world for people who know how to play, and are working to be a very high lvl. NOT FOR LOW LVLS!!! This map does require a entry fee of 800k, however that is usualy easily obtained at the lvl you should be while fighting in this area. There are boggles lvl 65, Grand Gold Dragon lvl 95. This map has many monsters magical, and physical.

Strayana- This map is for high lvl 90 people. This map has many high lvl monsters no lower than 106. This map is mainly to get yourself up to the high lvls. The highest lvl monster in the game resides here in strayan at lvl 120. In this map you will find a bit of a challenge. This map like egeha drops the armor which can only be used by hittin its lvl (lvls 73,77, and 85).

special thanks to the guild for supplying me with information used here.

peace from yours truly Flashstep
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