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 Capture The Flag

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PostSubject: Capture The Flag   Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:18 pm

This could work in a few different ways. The one way I'm thinking of is that we put the two Members, these two will be the "Flag" for each Team, and the opposing Team will have to kill, or "Capture", the other Team's "Flag."


1: Two seperate guilds, this would work as a Guild War type of event.
2: You have to Capture the other Teams Flag and keep your Flag in order to win.
3: The Flags are not allowed Weapons or Armor. However, they CAN fight back.
4: Flags are not allowed to heal or have a Healer Heal them.
5: Upon Capturing the opponents Flag, you will need a Healer to Ressurect the dead Flag so you can bring them back to your "Base."
6: Each "Base" will be at each end of one Map. Where in that Map is totally up to each Team, just not on the same side as the other Team.
7: When you return the Flag to your Base, you MUST Whisper the other Teams Leader and allow them safe passage into your Base to confirm you have Captured their Flag.
8: Each Flag will need an Party Recall so when their Team members die, they can get back to their Base quicker. If no Party RC is available, you can use Memory Scrolls after you save the spot or do it the old fashioned way, Walking!!!
9: You CANNOT hide your Flag in any of the Temples on ANY Map. It HAS to be in the OPEN, where it is easy, but not too easy, to spot. Hide your Flag with Care!!!!
10: This event could take place multiple times each week, or even just once. Let's Vote shall we Very Happy Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: nice idea   Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:17 pm

this type of event would probley be better held on a monthly event
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PostSubject: Re: Capture The Flag   Sun Apr 05, 2009 7:34 pm

Not Used At this time


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PostSubject: Re: Capture The Flag   

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Capture The Flag
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